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How to progress with tongue to spot training

When working to increase time on tongue tip to spot, over what period of time do you increase increments? Obviously it varies case to case, but what’s an acceptable pace for the child not to “overwork.”

When to teach slurping and swallowing

What do I need to correct or review, when a patient slurps always before swallowing? The tongue is on the spot, she bites down, lips pulled back, and then she slurps and swallows correctly. Do I have to work more with the middle and the back of the tongue? Do you have any suggestion?

Question about tongue exercises

I am using your manual with my clients and have run in to a few other questions if you have time.  I have a student who successfully eliminated his finger sucking and guitar pick sucking habit recently and has made very nice progress with phase 1.  I wanted to understand the purpose of the ‘EEEE’ […]

Narrow Tongue Questions

Hi Sandra, I wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying using your Orofacial Myology manual.  It seems so much more organized that what I have received from other trainings.  It seems to make so much more sense than other information I may have learned. I have a question re: the Narrow Tongue At […]

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