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Does a tongue thrust ever just “develop” after a client has been in braces for a period of time?

Does a tongue thrust ever just “develop” after a client has been in braces for a period of time? Or is it more likely that the tongue thrust was present but just undetected until a certain time?

I am 20 years old and have a tongue thrust

Hi, I am 20 years old and have a tongue thrust. I have problems speaking at times, like a slight lisp, or it feels like my tongue is heavy and gets tied up. I was on your website and I would like to know if you have the tongue thrust therapy available to purchase on line?

Concerned because they have not been able to break childs thumb sucking habit

Concerned because we have not been able to break her thumb sucking habit, we have been wrapping her thumb with elastic sports bandage which keeps her from sucking as long as she has it on, but as soon as it comes off the thumb goes back in the mouth. Also, when her thumb is wrapped she sucks on her tongue with her hand near her mouth

The diagonal straw exercise

Hi Sandra,    Things are going well.  I currently have about 6 myo patients and really love working with them!  I recently asked for the exam, and it came, but I haven’t started it yet . Speaking of questions, I do have this 13-year old girl with a tongue thrust who just can’t seem to […]

Seven year old “balls up his food” and makes a huge mess

He must ball up his food and stuff it in his mouth. Additionally, he has a history of drooling, although lately he has saliva pooling at the corners of his lips, rather than overt drooling. He maintains an open mouth resting posture with his tongue inside his mouth, but resting against his lower lip. He has an frontal open bite.

Help, no orofacial myologists are here in England!

We are English and here in the UK it seems that the practice of Orofacial Myology is non-existent. Our son, who is now 16, has just finished orthodontic work. He is now in retainers but has a tongue thrust problem that we are concerned will detrimentally affect his teeth positioning again.

Help for specific questions

What can you say to the very adamant orthodontist who strongly believes in the tongue guard even if therapy cannot be initiated with it in place.

Tongue thrust and oral cavity size

As the above-mentioned article explains, there is a difference between an anterior interdental rest posture of the tongue, and a thrust. Thrusting itself is now viewed as an adaptation to rather than a cause of malocclusion while an anterior rest posture has a strong link to the development of maintenance of some malocclusions.

Is 3 too young?

Is 3 years old too young to start seeing kids for an obvious tongue thrust and do kids ever outgrow a tongue thrust?

Artificially hiding a lisp

I realized that this 10 year old had a combination of an interdental lisp and an upper dentalized lisp, that I was initially perceiving as a lateral lisp bc there was some lateral airflow based on his broad tongue configuration. Does that make sense to you????

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