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Thumbsucking: Patient discover that his thumb was in his mouth during that last night

My student went 9 consecutive days, and the night before his 10th, he didn’t wear “sockie” because he didn’t think he needed it anymore. Needless to say, he put his hand in his mouth during the night. My question: After the 10 days, will this continue to occur?

Two year old sucking thumb to fall asleep

I evaluated a two year old girl today who already has overjet and an anterior open bite with a high palate due to her thumb sucking. Would you use your program with a child this young?

Using Unplugging The Thumb to stop sucking habit

Mom says she has tried everything and nothing has worked. It is also interesting to note that this same child has significant weakness of the tongue.

Help for eight yr old girl with thumb sucking

We are looking for an experienced Orofacial Myologist in our area to help our eight year old with thumb sucking and are hoping you will help us with this. We have looked in the IAOM website directory but have not been successful in finding anyone even within our area code (909).

Which Unplugging The Thumb kit?

I have a 2nd grade student who sucks her thumb. She is mentally challenged, but she is a higher functioning one. She is in resource class and the resource teacher put a glove on her hand to prevent the pattern. However, the girl will take it off. She has told the teacher that the thumb sucking does not bother her and she does not care what others think. I don’t think I will get much support at home either from the parent. Do you recommend using the Unplugging the thumb material?

Too young to quit and brother nail biting

I wish pediatricians would stay within their own realm and not tell parents that magic occurs at a certain age and problems disappear. I am dealing with the adult results of such misstatements by well- meaning pediatricians and others.

What is included in the Unplugging the Thumb Kit

I was wondering what exactly is included in the Unplugging the Thumb Kit. I apologize if I missed the description, but I couldn’t seem to find it.
Thank you. Jen

When Sockie falls off

After watching the CD, my son decided to quit. He wore the Sockie to bed, but it either fell off during the night or he removed it in his sleep. After a few nights, he said Sockie was gone. He must have thrown it away. The dentist told him that he is going to put a rake into his mouth in two weeks if he doesn’t stop sucking his thumb.

What can be done for 3 year old thumb sucker?

My co-worker has a new client that is 3 years old and sucks his thumb in the night. The dentist noticed that it is affecting his palate. How would you handle this with a 3 year old (considering it is a sleeping behavior or goes in when he gets tired)?

RDH inquiry about potential if takes my course

I am interested in taking your course but I live in a fairly small city…Thunder Bay, Ontario….Do you have advice or an opinion regarding my approach to being accepted in the community….I would need referrals from dentists? paediatricians? etc

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