Total Support System (TSS)

  1. Myo Masters

You are granted entry into NHS’s private FB group upon completion of NHS’s 28 hour training course.  This provides you immediate access to the following:

  • Questions/Answers addressed in a timely manner.
  • Start-up forms for initiation of OM program in your office/facility.
  • Local study groups.
  • Monthly live meetings on topics requested, including business set up, review of evaluation techniques, review of all phases of treatment, oral habit elimination, case studies and discussions, assistance locating specialists throughout North America and other locations; accessibility to treatment materials and newest innovations.
  • Because Myo Masters adheres to the highest standards of respect of Scope of Practice, ethical behavior, and honoring each graduate’s questions, you are provided a safe place to learn and grow with like-minded, helpful professionals.
  1. NHS Team Members’ Support System

You are considered part of the NHS “family” of grads and will always be treated with respect and provided whatever assistance you require from NHS staff.  NHS team members are available and prepared to answer questions you have related to any part of your QOM journey as well as afterwards.  You have access to each member of the staff by email and phone, as needed.

  1. VIP GRAD Arrangement

Neo-Health Services provides support on a continuing basis via the VIP GRAD Arrangement.  This is the opportunity for past course graduates to do a full refresher course at cost, enabling them to become updated in all new methods, research, and tools that have become available since their initial training session.

  1. Myo Grad Private Website Page

Upon completion of your training course, you are provided with a passcode to enter a private page on the website where you have access to free downloads of brochures, forms, and more.  This is upgraded periodically and you are always able to receive this at no cost.

  1. QOM Exam and Clinical Components

NHS supports you throughout your Qualification process, with the Examiner’s Committee available if you have any questions or are confused about any steps along the QOM pathway.

  1. Additional Benefits for Neo-Health Services Graduates:

Free download of a high-quality PowerPoint presentation suitable for small or large groups, introducing them to orofacial myology as well as encouraging referrals to your practice.