Common Reasons RDHs give for taking our NHS course

Become a Qualified Orofacial Myologist (QOM)

Develop expertise in assessment and treatment of various disorders

Make a lifelong contribution to the welfare of patients

Be part of a team including ENT’s, DDS’s, SLP’s, and other medical professionals

Have greater independence and opportunity to improve my income while helping others

Participate in a career that is never boring or repetitious

Eliminate or reduce the likelihood of physical discomfort (carpal tunnel, back and shoulder pain, sore feet, etc.)

RDHs are in the unique position of being able to observe patients at very close range.   As such, they are ideal professionals to use their finely tuned skills to be able to detect when something is wrong.   They can note if someone appears to be tongue tied, if a child has a sucking habit accompanied by an open bite, if certain teeth are taking a long time to erupt, if someone is chronically mouth breathing… these and dozens more symptoms of orofacial myological disorders are among the areas that  RDHs enjoy learning about during the QOM qualification course for orofacial myology.

Standards for Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice are found at the following link:

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