Welcome to your one stop place for information on stopping thumb sucking, finger sucking, nail biting and pacifier habits!

Studies show that these detrimental oral habits can damage the teeth and affect the social and overall physical health of the body. Research has also demonstrated that oral habits do not necessarily disappear with age as many have thought. With this in mind, our programs were conceived and created to fulfill the requests from therapists and parents to provide a kinder team approach to quitting these habits while the child is still young.

Thumb sucking may lead to malocclusion and open bite, imprecise speech production, chronic mouth breathing, deformed hard palate, social rejection and more...
This kit provides step by step instructions and offers information about handling special circumstances, how to deal with initial refusals, encouragement letters, and more…
Nail Biting may lead to dental, periodontal, gingival damage, orthodontic damage, entry of germs into the body, infections and pain; health and social consequences and more…
Important information for parents and a method that makes you the “helper” instead of an “foe”. You can choose either the girl's version or the boy's.

These programs were envisioned to offer an unstressful, “fun” way for helper and child to accomplish their goal as a “team.” They provide a simple, step-by-step, enjoyable, yet inexpensive program to stop oral habits...

How do these programs work? Is there a recommended upper or lower age limit for these methods?