July 9-10, 2023 Open


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From Confusion to Qualification

July 9-10, 2023

For Whom: Strictly for those who have taken a minimum of a 28-hour or longer introductory course in Orofacial Myology whose intention is to become credentialed as a Qualified Orofacial Myologist (QOM). Note: You must be licensed as DDS, SLP, RDH or other approved medical/dental professional. Proof of prior course completion will be required.
Why: To answer the requests of dedicated dental and speech professionals who have contacted Neo- Health Services seeking a comprehensive course to enhance prior learning to include training in the Myo Manual Treatment Program and detailed evaluation techniques, as well as the opportunity to be part of a community that provides a total support system.
How: Via virtual classroom experience (Zoom) with highly trained instructors providing the missing links in a welcoming environment where you receive individualized attention and opportunity to practice techniques in the group and breakout room settings with the other participants.

You will receive in-depth training in the renowned Myo Manual Treatment Program used worldwide by SLPs, DDS, RDHs, MDs and others. 16 course hours are provided.

This course includes the Myo Manual and start up tools in addition to the handouts, paperwork and Power Point slide pages.  The course is 2 days and will begin each day at 9:00 am (Eastern Time) and end at 6:15 pm.

For further information, phone: 954-461-1114 or send an e-mail to

Content Outline

Day 1:

9:00am EST – Day begins
11:00am EST – 15 min break
1:00pm EST – 45 min lunch
4:15pm EST – 15 min break
6:15pm EST – End of the day

  • Introduction, Course Overview, Learning Objectives Scope of Practice
  • Connecting the Missing Links: Down Syndrome & Maximizing Special Populations, Barriers to Therapy
  • Evaluation: Incudes the Myo Lip Meter, Quick Tongue Tie, Ax, The Myo-Speech Connection
  • Group and Pair Learning Activities
  • Treatment of Oral Habits: Unplugging the Thumb, Nail-Biting, Pacifier
  • Q&A

Day 2:

9:00am EST – Day begins
11:00am EST – 15 min break
1:00pm EST – 45 min lunch break
4:15pm EST – 15 min break
6:15pm EST – End of the day

  • Review, Overnight Assignment
  • Introduction to Treatment Phases & Concepts
  • Using the Pre-test to Guide Treatment Planning
  • Myo Manual Phase I: Pre-Treatment Conditioning
  • Group and Paired Practice
  • Myo Manual Phase II: Chewing & Swallowing Mechanics
  • Group and Paired Practice
  • Myo Manual Phase III: Integration into Lifestyle (Habituation)
  • The QOM Process
  • Q&A, Graduation

16 Course Hours are Provided