MYO MANUAL Orofacial Myology: From Basics to Habituation


The “Myo Manual” has become the Orofacial Myology treatment program of choice worldwide for dental professionals, speech pathologists, and oral myofunctional therapists. It contains all the forms you need to provide a total treatment plan: Three proficiency exams, home observation sheets, evaluation and oral examination, time charts, and vacation plans as well as a night time chart and a subconscious USB. You will be able to establish baselines and track results and improvement. The Myo Manual was created to be extremely “user friendly” for both the therapist and client. It is a Sequential, Sensible and Systematic method that gives you the typical assignments for clients as well as the criteria for passing each section of exercises. BONUS! 100% credit for this purchase may be applied toward the Neo-Health Services premier training course in orofacial myology for those who are eligible and choose to attend.

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