Orofacial Myology: International Perspectives – Hanson & Mason


The purpose of this text is to bring to readers in dental, speech, and oral myofunctional professions the most up-to-date awareness of what has happened, and is happening, in the field of orofacial myology throughout the world. In this volume, the information is intended for basic and intermediate levels. This expanded text also includes contributions from four continents and therapy suggestions from ten additional clinicians. Included are updated and expanded chapters on the scope of myofunctional disorders, history of myofunctional problems and treatment regimes, anatomy, physiology, speech, dentition, orthodontics, and diagnostic and treatment procedures. The authors’ intent is to provide a wide scope of information within a framework of interdisciplinary interactions for those professionals whose work impacts individuals with myofunctional disorders. The considerable material on treatment includes theory, principles, approaches, instrumentation, and specific exercises and assignments. Considerable insights and principles from orthodontics are included throughout the text. New in this volume are explanations of the importance of the dental freeway spaces as a consideration in diagnosis and treatment. The authors recommend this text as a resource for learning about the background and state-of-the-art in the United States and internationally regarding the theory and practice of orofacial myology. The book will be of special interest to myofunctional clinicians, speech-language pathologists, dentists, and other interested professionals.

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