Less than a week and a half.  Her speech improved and her confidence did as well.  Maureen Kinnear

Dear Sandra, Thank you for helping David stop sucking his thumb.  The Sockie worked great and he is very proud of himself! Andrea

Casey’s experience was so positive!  We thought nothing could get her to stop, but Unplugging the Thumb did the trick, and so fast!  Thank you so much,Michelle.

Dear Sandy, It’s been quite a while since you demonstrated your wonderful method for Sid.  I wanted to update you on his progress.  He never put his thumb back into his mouth and he has had a remarkable year at school.  We will always remember how you stressed how your program brings out the best in the kids instead of trying to force things to happen.  We have actually tried to apply this to many other areas of our lives.  You have made more of a difference than you thought!  Thinking of you often, Judy and Bob (and Sid!). 

Sandra, I’ll never forget how you showed me that even a 7 ½ year old can quit in less than ten days.  Cherie was such a strong thumbsucker that I was sure nothing could help her.  You proved me wrong and we both want to thank for you’re your kind and gentle method. I sing your praises to everyone. Fondly, Sharon.

Hi Sandra:  Well, you made me a believer! I told you I thought it was impossible to get Stephanie to give up her thumb. You said she would quit before ten days was up and you did it. I am forever grateful to you. You have a wonderful program that is so easy and so positive for the child and the parent. As you know, I teach pre-school, and I plan to tell all the parents and teachers about Unplugging the Thumb. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Susan C.

Sandra, I want to thank you for helping Michelle quit sucking her thumb. She loved your program, Unplugging the Thumb, and it was fun as a parent to be an active part of it. I hope many parents and therapists take advantage of your program to help children quit their sucking habits. Sincerely, Karina.

Dear Ms. Holtzman, My friend just recommended your product because she said that it was effective and easy to follow. We bought it a few days ago, and immediately my son became engaged with it. He really follows the instructions, and I learned how to speak to him so he will want to listen.  We are really grateful with you for your good advice. Sincerely, Rachel Somerset.

Dear Sandra, We are writing to you to let you know that the program is a miracle. After two years of trying to convince our daughter to quit, we bought the program because it was really good for our neighbor's child. As soon as Marianne saw the DVD, she realized more about her own problem. Also, we understood how to approach her, and we are using that advice to talk with her about other things. Thank you for everything, Julianne and Charles Duell.


Hi, Mrs Sandra, I sent you a little text about our experience, between Antonella and your excellent therapy. We are so happy for Antonella and we are grateful for your wonderful effort. I attached you a picture drawn by Antonella for you. My daughter is 4 years old.  She stopped sucking her thumb at 3 years and 9 months.  For me, it was terrible to see how her thumb was developing a callus, growing bigger all the time.  Besides during sleep, she also sucked her thumb when she watched television or when she rode in the car.  It seemed to be getting worse. I tried to convince her that sucking her thumb was harming her, but I got tired of telling her, and I gave up trying. A while later, I started to look for help, and Sandra Holtzman was recommended to me.  She speaks a little Spanish and we speak a little English.  She was able to change all the materials to Spanish for the therapy, and we were able to have the consultation.  Antonella listened very attentively during the session, chatting about the possible future negative results from thumb sucking, looking at photos, slides, etc. Lastly, Miss Sandra gave Antonella a good friend, Camilla, which was the name my daughter gave the special helper that accompanied her as she successfully triumphed over her habit.  A few days later, my daughter began to change in many ways. In the first place, by 8 more days, she stopped putting her thumb into her mouth.  But apart from this, she became more attentive, put more effort into learning, she is more obedient, and finally…..she has had an incredible experience.  I am very grateful for Sandra’s kindness and professionalism and this proved to us that therapy done with love as Sandra did it, overcame obstacles and provided very positive solutions to the life of our daughter.    

Forever grateful...

(Original version, in Spanish, follows. )

Mi hija tiene 4 años de edad, comenzó a chuparse el dedo a los 3 años y 9 meses. Lo hacia cuando dormía,  cuando veía  televisión o cuando íbamos en el auto. No solo era una mala costumbre sino que al ser una niña tan grande me parecía que se veía peor. Ademas para mí fue terrible ver como su dedo pulgar iba teniendo un callo cada vez más grande. Traté de convencerla de muchas formas acerca de lo perjudicial que era chuparse el dedo pero nos frustrabamos, y no lograba nada. Comencé a buscar ayuda y me comentaron acerca de Sandra Holtzman. Ella habla un poco de español y nosotros un poco de inglés, asi que nos comunicamos. Ella arregló todo el material en español para la terapia.. Antonella escuchó atentamente todas sus indicaciones, la charla acerca de lo negativo que resulta chuparse el dedo, le mostró fotos, láminas, etc. Finalmente la Sra. Sandra le dió a Antonella una media a la que mi hija personalizo llamandola Camilla. Esta media la acompañaría a lograr su triunfo en muchos sentidos. En primer lugar, al cabo de 8 dias dejó de chuparse el dedo para siempre. Mejoró su rendimiento escolar, y se volvió más obediente. En fin, fue una experiencia increíble. Estoy muy agradecida por la entrega y el profesionalismo de la Sra. Sandra, ya que comprobamos que una terapia a tiempo hecha con el amor con el que ella lo hizo venció obstáculos y dió soluciones muy positivas a la vida de nuestra hija.  

Infinitamente agradecida ……………

Desirée Lagrutta


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