Unplugging the Thumb (UTT) is an innovative program created  by

Sandra R. Holtzman, MS, CCC/SLP, COM.     


Unplugging The Thumb Therapist’s Edition hasbeen prepared  as a complete kit that makes it 
easy for you to use in your  particular professional setting. It includes an audio-visual presentation  
method that explains the possible consequences of sucking habits and includes small on-going 
goals that the child is able  to achieve. We do not believe in creating  prohibitions or pushing 
interceptive devices that try to force or  control the child’s behaviors from the “outside”. Reasons 
for preferring Unplugging The Thumb over conventional  methods:   

*       It increases the child’s confidence

*       It eliminates a habit in an unstressed way

*       It offers the opportunity for you to work together with your child in a cooperative, non - 
judgmental manner to  reach an important  goal.

Unplugging The Thumb is also available in the Parent’s 
Edition for those situations where a therapist is not 
available to provide the program.  

The kit includes all of the following: Therapist's Guide, 
Story Book, DVD,  Special Helper, Activity Book, 
Stickers,  and a Certificate of  Accomplishment