The orofacial myology conundrum podcast

The Orofacial Myology Conundrum "Mini-Pod"

In Orofacial Myology we are faced with many conundrums: which terminology to use or discard, if and when to treat or refer, what are our ethical and professional boundaries, or even what roles we can or should take on. Our “mini-pod” episodes open the conversation to the various conundrums that we are confronted with in our ever-changing field.

Episode 1 - The "Tongue Thrust" Conundrum

Sandra Holtzman (CCC-SLP, QOM) and Zohara Nguyen (CCC-SLP, QOM) discuss the conundrums they face with the common but problematic term, "Tongue Thrust".

Episode Length: 10 minutes

Episode 2 - Coming Soon!