Neo-Health Services: The headquarters for orofacial myofunctional training, therapy tools and information.

Orofacial Myology, formerly known as myofunctional therapy, is described as “the study and treatment of the oral and facial muscles as they relate to speech, dentition, chewing/bolus collection, swallowing, and overall mental and physical health.” (Sandra R. Holtzman)
Neo-Health Services is the largest provider for orofacial myology training and we are a continuing education provider for ASHA and AGD/PACE.  We prepare speech-language pathologists, dentists and dental hygienists to evaluate, diagnose, and treat orofacial myology disorders.  Among the areas covered are tongue tie (ankyloglossia) determination, oral habit elimination such as thumb sucking, the chewing and swallowing process in detail, “tongue thrust,” airway concerns, speech articulation connections, relationship to orthodontics, and much more.
We are proud to prepare our students using our highly regarded Myo Manual Treatment Program, used throughout the world in all types of facilities. Since there are no licensing or regulatory associations that oversee practitioners of orofacial myology, Neo-Health Services strives to ensure that our students can start working competently right after the training course, and be adequately prepared to continue the path to Qualification.

What is the difference between your orofacial myofunctional training course and others?

Our Neo-Health training is highly sought after by dental, speech and medical professionals throughout the world. I don’t want to disparage others who are doing some type of training, so I hope it suffices that I tell you who we are and you can then comfortably make your decision where to spend your time, money and effort as you move forward in this fascinating specialty area of orofacial myology. We have been training professionals since the 1980’s and our course graduates are found on 6 world continents as is our Myo Manual and other materials and tools. Besides having the premier treatment program, we have very high standards with regard to the ethics, and scopes of practices of every student we train. We respect and honor the differences among RDH, DDS, SLP, and others within our family of graduates.  We are known for the kind ways that our graduates share, support and encourage one another.  After taking our class, you are immediately able to start treating your clients, patients or students.  

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