2018 Symposium Video Recording


Item# VideoRecordingChicagoApril2018


This 2nd Annual Orofacial Myology Symposium was held in Chicago in April 2018 and now is available for those interested in expanding their knowledge of orofacial myology. Allied professionals are welcome.

Seven presenters offered in-depth review of: Neuroplasticity and Errorless Learning, Orthodontic Philosophies, Adults and Oral Habits, How to do in-house research and why, Distance learning, Photography, and Business “hands on development”.  Phone: 954 461 1114 E-Mail:

After purchasing this option you will be contacted by one of our representatives to receive a code and watch the whole presentation.

This Symposium will be available only until July 31st 2019.  Please note:  continuing education credits not available for this recording.