Zohara Nguyen, CCC-SLP, CPSP, QOM

Zohara is a Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP, CPSP, QOM) with a special interest in orofacial myology. She is a standing member of both ASHA and Speech Pathology Australia. After studying speech pathology at the University of Sydney, Australia, she worked in private practice before moving to the US, where she harnessed her passion for orofacial myology.

After attending NHS's Orofacial Myology training course in 2017, Zohara has worn many hats as a member of the NHS team, including: Marketing Manager for the Oral Habits social media page, previously as a Course Facilitator, presenter at the 2019 NHS Symposium, joining the QOM Examiners Committee - bringing her attention to detail and thorough feedback to the Committee to support clinicians through the QOM process. In 2020, Zohara proudly became an NHS course instructor, exercising her knowledge and passion to serve and train future generations of orofacial myologists.

Zohara likes to take on new challenges in her spare time, just as she does in her work: she loves to travel, embroider, bake, and take on DIY projects.

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