Myo Manual: From Basics to Habituation – Mega Myo Kit


The MEGA MYO KIT offers you the best savings by including the Myo Manual and ALL the tools you need for a complete treatment program. In addition to the six basic tools, you receive the Myo Lip Meter, the Myo Lip Meter Charts and the Assignment Charts. This Treatment Program, used worldwide in all types of facilities, is the culmination of the author’s lifetime of experience treating and studying oral myofunctional disorders and “tongue thrust.” The Myo Manual includes proficiency exams, observation sheets to establish baselines, two tracks for subconscious training, sample evaluation and oral examination forms, Night Time Charts, Time Charts and an Appendix Section with additional forms. All three phases are covered: Pre Treatment Conditioning, Chewing & Swallowing Mechanics, and Integration into Lifestyle. Dozens of exercises are provided for every small step along the way, providing you with detailed exercise activities tailored for each of your patient’s individual needs. The MEGA KIT provides a Systematic, Sequential, and Sensible treatment program for oral myofunctional disorders of all types.BONUS! 100% credit for this purchase may be applied toward the Neo-Health Services introductory course in orofacial myology for those who are eligible and choose to attend.

This Treatment Program includes two auto-suggestion tracks to be downloaded upon purchase: Adults and older children, and Younger children.

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Dozens of myofunctional therapy exercises and activities are included in this Mega Kit,